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Justin Burnash


Justin Burnash, the co-founder of Get Entered To Win, embarked on his giveaway journey almost a decade ago. Building custom Toyota MR2s, he never expected a customer would ask for one to be given away. Forward forward 7 years and Justin had given away over 50 cars!

Then, he decided to test out a partner collaboration with his friend and YouTube Creator “Mr. Regular” of Regular Car Reviews. The gamble worked, and with it, Justin was able to put a sweet car in the hands of a Mr. Regular fan, and some much needed cash into Mr. Regular’s business, eventually helping him buy a new “chase car” so that he could film more great content for his audience!

Today, with the help of his team, and the help of all you crazy fans entering our giveaways, Justin has been able to help support the businesses and families of some incredible creators and influencers! For that, we are all extremely grateful!

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Eric Basek


Eric Basek, is the co-founder of Get Entered To Win and the childhood best friend of his business partner, Justin. A former police officer, and current member of the military, his passion is charity work. Specifically, Eric believes fitness to be the greatest tool for positive mental health and fights to see more veterans and police officers use fitness as a tool to combat PTSD.

Eric also has a lot of hobbies and passions. Things like firearms, watches, grills, cars, hunting, fishing, and flying. You might have drawn the connection between the sweet prizes we giveaway and some of Eric’s obsessions. LOL.

Together, Justin and Eric manage the complicated administration, operation, and legal side of the giveaways so their creator partners don’t have to! And with all of your help, he is able to send a portion of the profits in the direction of the charity he co-founded with Justin, the “Stay Safe Foundation”. So to all you fans and supporters, Thank you!!!

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Amanda Basek

chief of customer success

Amanda started working for Get Entered to WIN back in 2008 on the day she married Eric... and acquired Justin as her adopted brother (they came as a set).

The company wouldn't completely evolve for another decade or so, but that was just the right amount of time for her brain to meld with theirs, making the natural progression to handle customer service a totally organic transition.

But in all seriousness, nearly all of Amanda's career has been devoted to the service of others. Whether it was her charity work with veterans, or her personal connection to the clients she coached to better health.

Amanda is a people person (almost as much as she's a dog person). She loves making customers happy... except the ones that tell her to F*ck off... they're just mean. And nobody likes mean people.

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