About us

We are a PROUD veteran-owned small business. We print and ship our collectables from right here in the good ol' U.S. of A and we are equally proud to support fellow small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators in their quest to build and live the American Dream for themselves and their families. So what are you waiting on? Head over to our giveaways page and Get Entered To Win something totally awesome!
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Our mission is to create EXCITEMENT with REALLY COOL FREAKING PRIZES for our partners and their loyal audience members!

At Get Entered To Win We

  • 1. Giveaway Really Cool Prizes
  • 2. Help Creators Build their Channels
  • 3. Have Fun with it

Will YOU be the next winner?

Our winners come from all over North America. Will you be next?

What else should you know

1. Equal Share

 By entering a giveaway and purchasing a collectable, you can be rest assured that 50% of your entry is going directly to your favorite online creator!

2. Maximum Support

Your entries help our partners buy new camera equipment, hire staff to edit new content, and put together all new videos for you to consume online!

3. Limited Edition

 Every Collectable you purchase is one of a kind. After the giveaway you entered is over...it is VERY, VERY unlikely you will ever see that design again!

4. Veteran-Owned

Yup. We are a veteran-owned small-business and we support both veteran and law enforcement charities. We are unapologetic about our Love for our First Responders!

Amazing Creators and Partners We've Worked With

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