Transparency & FAQ

How do I know you're real?
I suppose you could Google us! Our founder is Justin Burnash, the author of an Amazon Best Seller "Master the Giveaway" and our COO is a Proud member of the U.S. military and author of two Amazon bestselling books on personal development and Mental Health for first responders.
Ok so you are real people, but how do I know you randomly pick winners?
We contract out winner selection to a third party organizer with 70 years experience in sweepstakes! We stake our reputation on their reputation.
How much money do you give to your partners?
50% of each initial purchase goes directly to our partner! Each purchase makes a real impact in the lives of small businesses around the world, like ours! Out of the remaining 50%, we cover ALL expenses for prize and product fulfilment. What's left is our profit. We put people first! Thanks for the support!
Do you offer returns?
If you have a problem with your order, please contact us via email or phone and we will replace or refund the order based on the nature of the problem. Customer Service is our top priority. You can't text Amazon...but you can text us!
How are the items shipped?
Via FedEx, USPS, UPS, or DHL. Tracking numbers are provided and updated in the customer portal.
What do I do if my merch arrives broken?
Send us an email or a text with a photo and we will get it replaced ASAP!!!
What Payment Methods do you accept?
All Major Credit Cards and PayPal. U.S. Currency Only.
How is my purchase secured?
All payments processed through and secured with 256-Bit SSL Encryption
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